Young Alyce: Glory Denied/Opera Upper West and New York Opera Fest 2017

"Jaely Chamberlain [as Young Alyce], a damaged woman, sings her anguished role with drama and beauty."

-Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

The Magic of Irving Berlin/SOURCE Theatre 2017

"Jaely Chamberlain seemed to know instinctively how to express and sell each song, hitting the emotional highs and lows ranging from poignancy to good humor." 
-Terry Ponick, Comm Digital News

"With a shining soprano voice and a sparkle in her eye, Jaely Chamberlain charms when she delivers 'You’d Be Surprised' and 'Say It Isn’t So.' Chamberlain and Matthews also evoke memories of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers during their delightful duet, 'Cheek to Cheek.'" 
-Jeffrey Walker, DC Theatre Scene

"Jaely Chamberlain filled the role of the sweetly sexy woman from that era. She has a strong soprano and she dominated the pieces 'You’d Be Surprised' and 'Say it Isn’t So.'" 
-Elle Marie Sullivan, Maryland Theatre Guide

Feu, Princesse, Rossignol: L'Enfant et les Sortilèges/Maryland Opera Studio 2015

"Soprano Jaely Chamberlain as the fire, is a beauty with emotion that doesn’t quit and a talented voice to match and then some. Her ability to carry the flaming notes across phrases is a marvel... Chamberlain returns as the princess, stealing the child’s heart and the audience’s ears once more...  It is a strong testament to Chamberlain’s acting skills [that] when the princess rejects [the child], the audience can sympathize... Later on, Chamberlain’s voice as a scale-sailing nightingale is a welcome addition to the large ensemble scene that brings the story to its climax." 
​ -Evan Berkowitz, Writers Bloc

​"Jaely Chamberlain was a standout in all three roles she played:  le feu (the fire), le rossignol (the nightingale); and especially la princesse, the princess from the boy's storybook with whom he falls in love.  She has an agile coloratura voice, and she was charming and quick on stage." 
-Emily Schweich,  DC Metro Theater Arts

Barbarina: Le nozze di Figaro/Hubbard Hall Opera 2014

"Jaely Chamberlain as Barbarina has a pitch perfect, compelling soprano, and succeeded in stealing the spotlight with her saucy coquettishness every time." 
-Chris Buchanan, Berkshire Fine Arts

 "Acted with a convincing naturalness" 
-Geraldine Freedman, Schenectady Gazette

Despina: Così fan Tutte/Maryland Opera Studio 2014

"Jaely Chamberlain (Despina) [was a] special standout with regards to the physical comedy... Chamberlain's various voices for her various disguises had the audience in stitches... Yet, the humor only works because of the high quality of the singing... the previously mentioned Chamberlain sang beautifully." 
-Tiffany Draut, DC Metro Theater Arts

Modern Singer Magazine: Interview with Bryan Dahl

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The Weekender Interview with Johnna Leary

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DC Metro Theatre Arts 'Best of 2014' Honoree for Despina/Così fan Tutte with the Maryland Opera Studio

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